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Guangzhou Poetry Furniture Co.,Ltd

Информация о компании:

Бренды : SNIMAY
Количество сотрудников : 800~1000
Годовой объем продаж : 8 Million-10 Million
Год основания : 2003
Экспорт ПК : 70% - 80%

Snimay is a manufacturer of custom designed Hand-made wardrobes,situated in Guangzhou, China.


Since 2003,Snimay has been working in a very top custom of the furniture market. The key strength and 

competitive advantage is that our furniture is flexible in measures(height,depth,width),surfaces and design.

Flexible means that every part of the furniture is made to measure,even drawers and doors.


We are producing in seven price groups and can offer melamine surfaces as well as matte lacquer,laminate,

veneer and high gloss lacquer to fit all budgets. The choice of lacquers and veneers is nearly endless and 

the flexibility in the design means we are able to produce custom furniture from any design idea from an client,

architect,dealer or customer.


The furniture is handcrafted in our factory by well educated craftsmen. we are using only the finest materials and fittings. Together with a strong network of individual suppliers we are able to add other materials as like,

metal,glass or leather to product.


To make our wardrobes individual we have added a long list of accessories and organization items. Such as a special corner carousel solution, a pull out mirror,individual pull outs for trousers or skirts, an organization-pull out for ties and belts with leather hangers,glass dividers for lingerie drawers,a sun-glass display case, watch winders,pull-outs for ties,belts,individual jewelry or shoes, the options are endless.